Ji Chang Wook as Cover Model for Esquire in November

Aigoo, this is an unexpected surprise, and The Men of Our Time, eh?

Ji Chang Wook will be on the cover of Esquire Korea for the November edition. I am liking what I see so far — particularly that expression and the raised brow. LOL. It’s a refreshing look from Ji Chang Wook.

Esquire’s photoshoot can be a hit or miss at times, it is hard to judge whether it will turn out good or bad with one image. We’ll just have to sit tight, and wait till more images are released.

For now, I’ll say I am liking the suit, the hair, and the overall style. 🙂


Andddddd… I was right. It really is a hit or miss, LOL! I like the above look — the white denim coat, the jeans and blue (denim?) coat inside, the necklace and tie.

But then I hated this one because it looks bland.


I like this black suit though…



Honestly, what is this? As in, why the heck is the winter coat so long? It does not look complimentary on him.


This one is an OK — PASS.


Oh. No. Not this kind of brown…


No slouching, my dear. I know you are tired from filming Fabricated City, but partly is your own fault. When you have time on your hand to rest — you go to the noraebang instead.


And then he sweeps me off my feet again with this gorgeous black tuxedo. This picture makes me want to see him playing Chiaki Shinichi from Nodame Cantabile so damn much. I can see him doing this role, although I am unsure of the ‘comedic part’, but I can definitely imagine him conducting an orchestra.

Source: Esquire


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