Exclusive from Cine21: Upclose & Personal with the Reporter of Ryangchen Murder, Jo Jung Suk

9be1984bgw1ex2rpp1wvfj20fy0ja78xSurprise, surprise! Catch Jo Jung Suk as the cover star in Vol. 1026 of magazine, Cine21. This is a movie magazine, therefore, it is safe to assume he will be talking mostly on upcoming movie, Exclusive: The Ryangchen Murder (or Journalist / Exclusive: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo — I still don’t know which one is the correct English title 😦 ). The movie can officially be seen on the big screen in Korea next Thursday, October 22.

Ever since the end of Oh! My Ghost, Jo Jung Suk has been appearing non-stop on magazine’s covers. In Korea alone, he has been covered by magazines such as Singles, GEEK, Magazine M and now Cine21. He had two more with Park Bo Young when they promoted their drama in Singapore. There may be more than two actually, but I wasn’t keeping track. I wonder if there will be more to come? 🙂 It’s a greaaaaat start.


The success of Oh! My Ghost has definitely catapulated him into the limelight; gaining more popularity in Korea, as well as international. Although I don’t think his popularity has reached top of the top, but he is getting there, at his own pace.


He does not need to be globally famous, or becomes a Hallyu star — all I wish for — is he will continue to act; be it a movie, drama or musical. I don’t care, just keep acting. Fame changes a person’s life and career, and I don’t want him to waste the time outside of acting.


Source: CINE21 FB


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