Baseball Match Chosen Over She Was Pretty

69429-364305BEWARE: This will be more of a ranting post.

As all She Was Pretty drama fans already know, episode 9 was postponed thanks to the baseball match. Hmph! I, for one, is not a sports fan — so obviously I am sad to find out today I have no She Was Pretty to watch and de-stress with. Imma needs to ROFL today, desperately so, and I want to see the hugging in the rain for my Umbrella couple — Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon) and Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum). Double Hmph!

I was also hoping tonight MBC will air 2 episodes in one go, but MBC representative said they won’t be, because next week the drama may face another postponement on Wednesday due to another baseball match. They also said if they do air 2 episodes in one go, it may stuff up the next drama airing schedule/timeline. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? How about just create a Sports channel, and air sports ALL DAY LONG for the sports fans?

69408-364218MBC think they can calm disappointed angry fans down by releasing BTS stills and videos today, well, here’s news for you — NO freaking deal. GIMME MY EPISODE 9 AND 10! Dude, see how you guys have disrupted and affect our (Sung Joon’s) moods for the week.


On a more serious note, I think I would have been more understanding if they tell me, “this will allow some leeway for the tight shooting, or time for the actors to recharge because they have been sleeping 1-3 hours a day due to live shooting”. The fact is, they don’t care shit about that, except their own profit and TV rating.

Not cool, MBC. Not cool.


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