First Peek! Bad Guys Always Die

bd570f5bgw1ewji2u4bwrj215o0i9e5aBad Guys Always Die is a Chinese-Korean collaboration movie directed and written by Sun Hao, produced by Feng Xiao Gang and Kang Jek Yu. It has recently started screening at the 20th Busan International Film Festival in South Korea, and the movie is scheduled to screen in China November, 27.

This black-comedy, action movie is helmed by fame Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin (20 Again, In Time With You) and Korean actress Son Ye Jin (The Pirates) as the main leads, with supporting roles by Korean actors Shin Hyun Joon (Bridal Mask) and Jang Kwang (Yong Pal), Chinese actors Qiao Zhen Yu and William Yu.

6a7fd113jw1ewa5dri5x6j215o0rs44oChen Bolin plays a Chinese teacher at a Busan elementary school. During the school holidays, his best buddies and younger brother from China met up with him for a vacation in Jeju Island. Instead of having a great time, they became entangled in various criminal events when they rescue a mysterious woman (plays by Son Ye Jin) from an accident.

Official Movie Trailer:

I’m not exactly excited about this movie; the premise of the movie doesn’t give off the vibe that this is a movie with much depth, neither it will be a brain teaser nor a movie that trigger self-evaluation. But if it’s going for light and fun, then it looks promising, although I’m more interested in the romance between Bolin and Ye Jin’s characters more so than the action/main crime story.

From what I can gather, this movie has received a lot of media attention, and even more so when it announced famous Korean rock band, CNBLUE, will sing in the movie theme song first time ever in Chinese titled Cinderella.6a7fd113jw1ewa5dpx829j20vm1b8gwxMusic Video: Cinderella by CNBLUE (Chinese version)

The rest of the stills and posters:

This doll piggy seems to play a big part in the movie. I wonder why? Money, diamonds or drugs worth millions hidden in it?

And here we have a shot of gorgeous Son Ye Jin and handsome Chen Bolin attending the 20th Busan International Film Festival.


Image source: Baidu | Official Weibo | Tudou Weibo


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