Gossips! Stars Romance 2015

Dispatch and other Paparazzis are on a roll this year, publishing articles after articles on Stars romance caught on camera—or at least this is how I felt—maybe because a lot of couples caught this year are the ones I knew more about. I usually don’t care much when Dispatch drops the bomb; the stars are humans too, and are entitled to date and keep their relationships private. In my opinion, I find the romance end quicker after they go public. I hold the media and publicity responsible, and I find the paparazzi’s behaviour unethical. I always wonder why they don’t get sued.

However looking from another perspective, when romances become public, their virtual ships sink. More and more people are unable to distinguish the reel from real, and they always go overboard with the shipping these days. Thus, for romances to go public means it ends majority of shippers’ delulu-ness.

I will focus mostly on actor couples or actor-singer couples. KPOP world is unfamiliar ground for me—I don’t know 90% of them, so unless they fall into that 10%—there will be no idol/singer couples in this post.

1. IU and Jang Ki Ha
d5817b28-0c05-4347-8603-13ab223e2a7cActress/Singer IU and Composer, Jang Ki Ha are the most recent couple caught, and is also the inspiration for this post. IU confirmed on her SNS account they have dated for 2 years now. LOL, this means both IU and Jo Jung Suk were already seeing someone else when they collaborated together in You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin.

Sunken Ships:
IU & Jo Jung Suk (You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin)
IU & Kim Soo Hyun (Producer)

2. Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye
lee-jong-suk-park-shin-hye-instyle-londonThe Pinocchio couple was caught by Dispatch, but both have denied through their agencies—WELLMADE and SALT. Based on the photos published by Dispatch, it wasn’t enough to prove they are an item, so I was willing to believe they are just buddies*. But later I read a post from an extra on Pinocchio set, confirming they were already dating at the time. It makes sense if they were, or have feelings for one another during Pinocchio filming. Netizens have criticised Park Shin Hye for many years on her kissing scenes, and her past projects show she (subconsciously) rejects being kissed by her co-stars. However in Pinocchio, her body language shows no such rejection, and their closeness in the InStyle magazine is highly suggestive too—what can this mean? Some food for thought for those who cares.

Disclaimer: This is a personal observation. Starlight Angels can agree to disagree.

Sunken Ships:
Lee Jong Suk & Kang Sora (Dr. Stranger)
Lee Jong Suk & Jin Se Yeon (Dr. Stranger)
Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice)
Lee Jong Suk & Kim Woo Bin (School 2013)
Park Shin Hye & Jang Geun Suk (To the Beautiful You)
Park Shin Hye & Jung Yong Hwa (Heartstrings)
Park Shin Hye & Lee Min Ho (The Heirs)
Park Shin Hye & Kim Woo Bin (The Heirs)

This couple sure is rich, and owns a lot of ships! LOL. I supposed some of these ships are still intact since the couple denied their relationship. Excuse the SukWoo ship, LOL, I just had to put it in there because (1) fans do ship their bromance (mostly for fun), and (2) I like their friendship too. As for Jung Suk with Lee Bo Young, it existed after I Hear Your Voice ended, but I would think there’s no more shipping after Lee Bo Young is married, and now a mother. It’s hard to say, because there are shippers still shipping You Who Came From The Stars couple even though they all knew Jeon Ji Hyun is happily married.

3. Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae
When the news for Minzy couple broke out, I was really surprised. This combination is unexpected—mostly because there was no absolute link between them that could suggest they are seeing each other. After the news came out, it was then Minoz and Netizens realised the reason Suzy attended Min Ho’s movie premiere, Gangnam 1970. LOL, realisation came a little too late.

Dispatch was brutal, giving Minzy couple no way but confirming their relationship—having caught them red-handed—meeting up and checking in a hotel together in England. It was quite shocking Dispatch stalked them all the way from South Korea to England and France. Question: Isn’t stalking consider a criminal offense? This just goes to show just how big Minzy’s scoop was.

*This is also one reason why I didn’t believe Pinocchio couple is real at first, because comparing the evidences produced by Dispatch for Minzy, Pinocchio couple’s look like they were just close friends hanging out. Such a huge drop in quality of their stalking skills.

Sunken Ships:
Lee Min Ho & Gu Hye Sun (Boys Over Flowers)
Lee Min Ho & Park Min Young (City Hunter)
Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye (The Heirs)
Suzy & Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High)
Suzy & Lee Seung Gi (Gu Family Book)

4. Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah652be1c5gw1ee40l3qqy5j20r80jgtf7They met when they modelled for Giordano. I don’t have much comments in regard to these two, except I hope they will last as long as possible, and be happy. 🙂

Sunken Ships:
Kim Woo Bin & Lee Jong Suk (School 2013)
Kim Woo Bin & Park Shin Hye (The Heirs)
Kim Woo Bin & Kim Ji Won (The Heirs)
Shin Min Ah & Lee Jun Ki (Arang & the Magistrate)

Possible Future Ship: Shin Min Ah & So Ji Sub (Oh My Venus)

5. Jo Jung Suk and Gummy
Jo Jung Suk and Gummy‘s dating news went public early this year in February. They too, have been dating each other for about 2 years. This explains why out of no where whilst presenting an award at MBC Drama Awards, he addresses that he and co-star Lee Yoon Ji of King 2 Hearts were not dating. Reportedly, he startled Lee Yoon Ji with that statement. Lee Yoon Ji is now married.

Gummy also attended Jo Jung Suk’s movie premieres before their dating news broke out. Now it alarmed me whenever I see my biases attend other people’s movie premieres, LOL.

Sunken Ships:
Jo Jung Suk & IU (Best of Lee Soon Shin)
Jo Jung Suk & Park Bo Young (Oh! My Ghost) — possible existent

Surprisingly, there aren’t many shipping him with his co-stars. However, there may be a minority forming after his explosive chemistry with Park Bo Young in Oh! My Ghost.

6. On Joo Wan and Jo Boa
00070675Mermaid couple started dating few months after they completed their collaboration for tvN drama, Surplus Princess.

Sunken Ships: Nil.
This couple doesn’t get as much media coverage as the first five, and there is no well-known ships, because they aren’t as famous.

7. Ryu Soo Yang and Park Ha Sun
11083643_667899736670854_7819510950472831823_nThis couple previously worked together in Two Weeks, and even though in the show, Ryu Soo Yang didn’t get the girl, but he got her in real life.

Sunken Ships:
Park Ha Sun & Park Yoo Chun (Three Days)

8. Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Young Don

Hwang Jung Eum and golfer turns business man boyfriend recently were caught on camera by The Fact dating. Congrats to uri Hye Jin for finding her Sung Joon in real life. 🙂

Sunken Ships:
Ji Sung & Hwang Jung Eum (Kill Me, Heal Me and Secret)
Park Seo Joon & Hwang Jung Eum (She Was Pretty)

LOL, the Umbrella couple ship didn’t last very long since this news came out not too long after She Was Pretty stopped airing. Well, it’s best to wake up earlier than never, after all Park Seo Joon is rumoured to be taken too (see below).

P.S. There were reports in regard to Kim Soo Hyun dating Sandara Park, or Ji Chang Wook seeing former Miss Korea and actress Kim Joo Ri. Both rumours have been shot down without solid visual evidences; thus, their ships still sail mighty strong.

There was also rumour of Park Seo Joon seeing his former co-star Baek Jin Hee, but both agencies denied. However, there is also news and/or talks BTS that people in the entertainment industry knew about their relationship, and they are just keeping this relationship private. It’s a good idea, too. Relationship that gets exposed usually don’t end well for most couples.


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