She Was Pretty: On to the Second Half of the Show

she_photo151008153004imbcdrama1This is sad, but time really flies, and we have reached the second ½ of She Was Pretty. 😦 From how it ends in episode 8, it’s as if we have reached the end of Chapter 1, and next week, we open up with a new chapter—a new beginning.

Chapter 1: The Beauty Inside the Ugly Duckling

Min Ha Ri (Go Joon Hee) is currently my least favourite at this point in time. Her selfishness has caused pain to herself, Hye Jin and Sung Joon. However, it is not her selfishness that I detest most—I can relate to her desire for Sung Joon’s heart, because I think that is a practical behaviour from a normal human being in real life. My problem with Ha Ri is the way she treated her playmate/boy-friend. Fine to me that both sides knew their relationship is ‘just for fun’, however, it’s common courtesy to at least let the other party know that she wants ‘out’. No?
In contrast, Kim Shin Hyuk (Choi Siwon) plays the bigger person. Even though he openly admits to Sung Joon he likes Hye Jin, but why do I feel like he’s acting more like a Guardian Angel to these two, and watches over them? He could totally take advantage of the current situation, and go along with the lies to get Hye Jin, but he’s not. See, I still cannot get my head around his mode of thoughts.

I do NOT get why Netizens think Ji Sung Joon* (Park Seo Joon) fell in love with Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) after she becomes beautiful. Isn’t it obvious Sung Joon has unconsciously fell for the the beauty within Hye Jin o_O? His feelings waver; his behaviour deeply affects his better judgment as Shin Hyuk pointed out, and all these happen before she had the makeover. I thought it was clear that the reason behind Sung Joon and Ha Ri watching the movie — The Beauty Inside — is to emphasise (to us) and poke at Sung Joon he needs to look beyond his illusion/past memories of Kim Hye Jin, and really look at the current Kim Hye Jin. Of course, we can’t rule out the intention to promote the movie which Park Seo Joon happens to be in, LOL.

*I almost wanted to type Bullshit Sung Joon, except I didn’t know how to spell the romanised Korean word. Sucks. I kinda find that nickname endearing to the ears. Heh.

Chapter 2: The Supporting Characters Get Their Limelightsshe_photo151008153004imbcdrama2

A short note to writernim:
It’s brave of you to openly steal ideas from the current trend of tell-the-stories-from-supporting-characters-POV on National TV, eh? It’s uninnovative too, since the US has been pumping out fairy tales movies concentrating on supporting characters for years now.

As for Hye Jin, I half expected her to pretty up in the later stage, but I hadn’t expected her to transform into a beauty immediately. Most importantly, the question is HOW in such short period of time? Don’t tell me layers and layers of foundation, powder and BB cream to hide those freckles! Or technology is so advance in Gangnam now they can remove freckles in a day?! 😕thumb.mtstarnews.comNow here’s a wild theory I shall throw out: Ha Ri found her conscience, and decided to stop coveting what isn’t hers, and sort things right upon hearing from Hye Jin she will return to The MOST team. She offers to doll up Hye Jin, so that Hye Jin can return with confidence and dignity. The End.

I’m pretty sure Ha Ri plays a big role in beautifying up Hye Jin.

Image Source: MBC


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