New Stills, Teaser and Poster for Answer Me 1988

69187-362667Following up with the Answer Me franchise — upcoming tvN drama Answer Me 1988 (or Reply 1988) releases another poster, teaser and more new stills. It is set to air early January 2016, taking over the Friday/Saturday slot.

The drama features idol singer Hye Ri (Hyde, Jekyll, Me), Go Kyung Pyo (Nae Il’s Cantabile, Warm & Cosy), Park Bo Gum (I Remember You, Nae Il’s Cantabile), Sung Dong Il (It’s Okay, It’s Love, Answer Me 1994 and 1997), Lee Il Hwa (She Was Pretty, Orange Marmalade) and many more.
O975BMTXWMXO5983JK4KI thoroughly enjoy watching Answer Me 1997Jung Eunji and Seo In Guk were gems in that show along with Eun Ji Won. Unfortunately, I did not muster an interest in Answer Me 1994, so I skipped it. The drama was another huge success, propelling Go Ara, Yoo Yun Suk and Jung Woo to fame and becoming more well-known, but they just didn’t work magic for me like it did with Seo In Guk and Eunji.
BV9WEKQN5RMK4HD7YOKJHowever this time, I think I’m game again, all for my cutie pie, Bogummy—Park Bo Gum. There are 4 new stills of him today, and it had me ROFL at his 80’s look. Boy oh boy, but isn’t he adorable holding up a milk carton??? ❤CQwo_oJUEAAKJBoCQwpAFfUwAATQskCQwpAh8UYAAnJQvIt looks to me Bo Gum has landed on yet another innocent, sweet and angelic character to potray. So it seems from the stills anyway, since I know nothing about the show, and has no intention to dig further. A little mystery makes the show all the more interesting, don’t ya think?
8H89262P1VB85CXFH722Go Kyung Pyo and Bo Gum have previously worked together in Nae Il’s Cantabile, so it won’t be difficult for the boys to get into their characters, and have a blast acting against each other. I’m curious to find out, between the two, whose acting is better. Kyung Pyo’s Yoo Il Rak did not leave a strong impression versus Bo Gum’s Lee Yoon Hoo and psycho dongsaeng Lee Min in I Remember You. Thus, I wonder if he can turn the table this time round.

No doubt inheriting the theme of the franchise, there will be another 2 boys ❤ 1 girl scenario. I just hope this one wouldn’t cause a huge split between drama fans like it did with Answer Me 1994. I heard, and read the shipping war was nasty during air time. The bias in me already wishes Bo Gum wins the heroine, LOL, but under the condition that I like the heroine’s character. :p

Teaser 2

*Cringe* *Cringe* *Cringe*
The teaser just makes me cringe so much at the horrible fashion of the 80’s. Seriously, 80’s fashion is my least favourite. The poofy hairstyle. The high-waist loose pants is just … I’m speechless.


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