A Premature Analysis of She Was Pretty’S Kim Shin Hyuk

she_photo150925132830imbcdrama2Oh my god, can I strangle this boy? Can I? Will Choi Siwon‘s fans allow me? I had all these theories about Kim Shin Hyuk—that there is more to him than being an eccentric, cheeky, childish, quirky and completely random person, but it’s all out the window after watching episode 7. *head-desking*

It isn’t like I didn’t pause to doubt him for telling Hye Jin she looks like his dead little sister. In fact, I was ready for him to LOL at Hye Jin falling into one of his lies again the next minute, but then he puts on the serious face, acknowledging he was too much, and left!

To be honest, I am partially disappointed the “dead little sister” story turns out to be bogus. It’s a little unsatisfying that I can’t seem to figure him out (yet in a positive way because this keeps me guessing), but it’s just not good for the brain cells, that’s all.

Is there absolutely no hint or clue to what type of person he really is apart from 99.99% sure he is the hidden chaebol who lives in Hotel Suite No. 2024? Meanwhile another part of me is glad the writernim did not take the “dead little sister” route; hinting he could be the reason of her death (maybe?), or her death is the cause of a broken home, and the reason he’s living in a suite room all alone. Orrrrr… in the end I am going to be told I was right in the first place? *scratching my head*
she_photo150925132830imbcdrama1There has to be more to his character than what he display to us. There has to be! I want to strip off the outer layer of Kim Shin Hyuk, and see what’s inside of him. Like an onion, I want to slowly peel off each layer, and find out if there is any stories he can share with us.

Sung Joon has enlightened us more about his past in episode 7, which I’m delighted my analysis was spot on, so surely Shin Hyuk has interesting back-stories of his own. He has to!
she_photo150925132830imbcdrama0On with my rambling again after watching episode 8:

There isn’t much revelation for Shin Hyuk’s true self in this episode. He continues being quirky (which I have began to get used to and less surprised now), but he also showed us he, too, has a serious side of him. He’s starting to step in and getting himself involved between the love triangle. I love that he has a good heart, and he did not take advantage of the current situation, instead, he urges Ha Ri to fix things, and reduce the pain to the lowest.

I will have to come back to this analysis once writernim gives me more meat on Shin Hyuk. Right now, I am not only dried up; I am still scratching my head—trying my best to figure this boy out! 😦

Image source: MBC


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