New Stills & Spoiler for This Week’s She Was Pretty


Oh my god, can I just say the new stills are hilarious even to look at? It really up my anticipation  for this week’s episodes. I’m dying to know just how the two ended up dressing up as farmers when they’re supposed to be on a business trip for a ‘fashion’ magazine.

I am also dying to see the look on Kim Rara’s face if she EVER sees them. Well… I think this is pretty MOST-like to me. PWAHAHAHA! 😀

So. What I gather is that Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) saw the Golden Retriever, ran to play with it, and that exact moment / image must look very pleasant and appealing in Sung Joon’s (Park Seo Joon) eyes that he couldn’t help, but took pictures of her with the dog. As he lets his guard down and letting loose, his eyes turn soft and gentle.


…putting the fluffy stills between our Umbrella Couple aside, I accidentally stumbled upon an extremely annoying and spoilerific image today. It’s not exactly what I want to see for the upcoming episodes, unless Sung Joon does not reciprocate.

Since I have no idea how to ‘hide’ this picture, I am going to put it in the next page and conceal this spoiler from others who isn’t interested. Click to next page to see the spoiler image.

Source: TopStarNews


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