A Premature Analysis of She Was Pretty’s Ji Sung Joon

1443746662The backbone story of She Was Pretty, in my honest opinion, isn’t new. However, what made it click and tug at my heartstrings is none other than the characterisation of the main leads. The instrumental musics also play a big part. It really helps in lifting the mood, or enhance the comedic effect of a funny scene.

I would like to tackle on Sung Joon first because as I re-watch Episode 5 tonight, he was the one that inspired me and made my brain tick, and then more thoughts flow through for the other 3 characters.

  1. Ji Sung Joon

I think Sung Joon is probably the least likeable character at the moment, plainly because he is such an ass to Hye Jin. His character is also the least refreshing since he is the atypical asshole male lead that will turn into an angel in the end. However, I would agree to disagree. I believe there is more to him than just being an ass. It’s not that I want to defend him, but as we saw, he does have a gentle and friendly side whenever he is with Ha Ri.

swp-2From the way I see it, his work behaviour is the reflection of how he survives in New York City. One has to be tough and brutal if one wants to survive in such a competitive city like New York, and he’s obviously applying this method of survival in MOST. In addition, he has this mission resting heavily on his shoulder: preventing MOST from being discontinued—a lot is on the line, including his own career, and time is running short—that is why the man has no time to play nice.
005PdPsIjw1ewlr6ebc87j30eg0g2tamHe is changing though, as seen in Episode 5, after Hye Jin confronted him. He readily accepted he’s at fault the next day, although it was still difficult for him to apologise, but at least he immediately became less of a porcupine towards her.

My guess is, through spending more time with Hye Jin, he will ‘free’ himself up (I think Shin Hyuk gave us a hint here), and eventually find a way to inspire the MOST staffs without intimidating and discouraging them. I’m not even worried MOST will be disbanded, because I am very sure they will pull through in the finale episode—the ending isn’t important to me, but much rather it’s the process of how the story develop is what I am more concern of.

1443571946-18-orgAnother interesting aspect of Sung Joon is we know nothing about him after he moves to the US. We were fed with flashback of his fond memories with Hye Jin; his mother has past away, his father remarried in the US, and they don’t see each other much. It is plausible to assume Sung Joon has it tough growing up in the US, and is extremely lonely. He held onto his fond memories with Hye Jin because that was the happiest times of his life, or a time he wishes he could go back to, and remain there in limbo.

This brings us back to his hostile reaction towards Hye Jin. It all rest on the fact that Hye Jin is Kim Hye Jin. In Sung Joon’s heart and mind—the name Kim Hye Jin symbolises a white angel who protects him, shows him the light in the dark tunnel—she is beautiful, sweet, smart, and so much more. He would not have been so conflicted and rude if Hye Jin’s name is not Kim Hye Jin, and most importantly, if Hye Jin had confidently be herself from the beginning.
4d8e7cb7jw1ewmimntpzpj21900pbhdtThis matter, of course, is about to change in this week’s episode. I look forward in getting to know more about Sung Joon’s past and real personality through his interactions with Hye Jin and Shin Hyuk; and anticipate in watching his character grow when he starts accepting Hye Jin as an independent individual by not letting himself affected by the ‘curse of first love—Kim Hye Jin’.

As his psychiatrist has advised him—he needs to stop dwelling in the past, holding onto his memories of first love, and motion himself towards living the present.

SPECIAL NOTE: Park Seo Joon has revealed live on V App that he really fell asleep during filming, although he didn’t sleep for long. More importantly, the scene where Siwon fed him medicine, he was really sleeping too. Aigooooo~ while we swoon over that brotherly-lovey-dovey scene, the man involved is happily snoozing away.  [笑cry][笑cry][笑cry]

Next up: Kim Shin Hyuk

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2 thoughts on “A Premature Analysis of She Was Pretty’s Ji Sung Joon

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  1. I just finished watching She Was Pretty online, which I thoroughly enjoyed even if I had to read the subtitles, which I am not used too. I love the characters of at least the three leads. I fell in love with Ji Sung Joon and Hye Jin. Actually, even when Hye Jin was still supposed to be ugly, she still looked prettier than Ha Ri. 🙂
    I like the way it ended with that little girl walking before Sung Joon. That was heart warming that they didn’t only get married but had a daughter as well.
    Could you recommend another heart warming drama that I could watch so that I will not miss She Was Pretty so much? Thank you,


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