Jo Jung Suk Pigging Out in SINGLES

This month, our Chefunim was featured in two magazines—one of them is October edition of Singles. For this particular series of pictorials, Jo Jung Suk had to fly to Tokyo for the photoshoot. It was reported that he was very professional in completing the shoot even though it was raining non-stop in Tokyo at the time.

I believe, even though unplanned at the time, the photoshoots turned out really well because of the rain. 🙂

My gripe with Singles is—why have they only released two official pictures of Jo Jung Suk on the official website? When the magazine featured Ji Chang Wook earlier this year, many more clear quality pictures were released. Why the difference in treatment, Singles? 😡

Thank goodness we have the ever faithful and generous fans who willingly contributed and shared HQ scans. So without further ado, let me record down all the pretty pics in this post.
2041573988_406dec142041573988_3992a8d42041573988_dfa3a0152950628281_3d3c5388_image2950628281_9bc9bc7a_image2950628281_b55d79a0_image2950628281_b1315143_image2950628281_f816b849_image2950628281_d5690985_imageTo be continued to the next page


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