She Was Pretty Casts Prettying Up in Cosmopolitan

0000004957632003692176606I thought this month was going to be dry for me, that I would have no good Korean drama to look forward to each week, but I was so damn wrong—She Was Pretty took my breath away! Ok, ok — that’s probably over-exaggerated; however, it really is not too far from describing how much I enjoy watching the show since I set my eyes on Episode 1.

I notice that stars usually only featured in magazines after they have completed their dramas, however, it’s complete opposite for our She Was Pretty casts—Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon, Choi Siwon and Go Joon Hee. Sexy and trendy photoshoots of them were released in October’s edition of Cosmopolitan. This proves just how much publicity it is receiving before it even airs, and guess what? I absolutely loveeee the photos. 0000004957632003705042423I can’t say I am very familiar with the four main casts, and I tried to watch Secret last year without avail. The fact that Hwang Jung Eum‘s character went through so much hardships was impossible for me to digest. Thus, it is such a joy to see her do comedy—and she is fantabulous as Kim Hye Jin! She literally had me LMAO in several scenes, especially the elevator scene—the teeth chattering cracks me up. Usually I’d find these sorts of comedic performances easily over-done, but I reckon she and the rest of the three main casts put in a well-balanced comedic and serious performances, so it was just right for my taste-bud in comedy. 😀
0000004957632003703756185Oh righttt. It occurs to me the reason why this show was all over the radar, is due to the fact that this is the second time Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon work together, and that instead of playing siblings (Kill Me, Heal Me), they’ll be entangled in romantic relationship.

Maybe, perhaps, this is my first drama of them together—I am at an advantage where I won’t be weirded out seeing them play lovers. I opted not to watch Kill Me, Heal Me as I cringed each time when the image of Ji Sung in pink flashes past my eyes. Perhaps one day, I should pick up on it, and it might very well be right after this show ends! 🙂 0000004957632003713987542I had to look up on Go Joon Hee; this actress is completely new to me, and I have not seen any of her past works. I think she acts fairly well and naturally in the show, but I just hope she isn’t going to turn into the typical, hateful second female lead for the rest of the episodes to come. I quite like her character in the beginning, even though at the moment I don’t agree with her decision of wanting to covet what is not hers; or at least I think she should pursue Ji Sung Joon after she comes clean with him. I just hate to see the girlmance goes sour over a man, ya know? Fingers crossed that it will not ever happen, or at least don’t last for too long. Bitchiness or second female lead turns spiteful is black-listed in my book.
0000004957632003709849486Thankfully, I am not new to the Panty Couple — Park Seo Joon and Choi Siwon 🙂 This One True Pairing is totally lovely to watch, especially in Episode 7. Is it weird to say their chemistry was exploding on-screen? HAHAHAHA! ROFL! Writernim, please give us more bromance, thank you in advance. 0000004957632003712666883Choi Siwon cracks me up (big time!) as Kim Shin Hyuk, and truthfully, who in their right minds would not find his eccentric mannerism entertaining? I just love how he always manage to trick Hye Jin or argues his way out of things with her. I am also betting $100 on him being the nephew of Kim Rara, or Ruru — whatever her name is, LOL.
0000004957632003708347230Park Seo Joon is the lead—I should write about him first, but then I suppose we can save the best for last. 🙂 This man has been on my radar since he romances Um Jung Hwa in Witch’s Romance, and he mesmerises me again in the movie, The Beauty Inside. I’d recommend this beautifully shot movie; and although his cameo was short, but is consider the bigger part in comparison to other fame actors.

I am thrill for him to headline as male lead for the first time on one of the 3 major TV stations. He’s definitely a lead material, and now is undoubtedly an awesome opportunity for him in the next 2-3 years to become the-mainstream-most-sought-out-next-Kim-Soo-Hyun when all the 86-87’ers go off to fulfill their military duties. Bye-bye my 87’er biases, and hello to Seo Joon—who has completed his military service already. *Throws Confetti*

Mind ya, I am sad to see all my biases go, but what can I do with that damn mandatory policy?! 😥 6632fd93jw1ewmdcx9cb7j20pu10cafr
Since there are 2 boys and 2 girls, surely we’re expecting them to pair up—the right way as advertised, I hope. It would be illogical for the show to end with a Sung Joon-Ha Ri / Shin Hyuk-Hye JIn pairing, since the show is giving us the vibe that the Umbrella Lovebirds will eventually find their way back to one another. God knows how Ha Ri and Shin Hyuk will hook up; I just pray it will be convincing, and not forced.
0000004957632003711375039It’s really difficult when either pairing matches so well visually though. 11224114_876852065717858_5585727132514664510_nSee. Shin Hyuk-Hye Jin works too!

WAIT. NOOOO. Don’t let the visual fool you (I mean, me!) Gaaaaaahhhhhhhh~

Source: COSMOPOLITAN and Heira


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